Make Mine a Mensch!


'Mensch' - a person of integrity and honour

“I grew up in a house where my parents instilled in me the most important value in life: to be a mensch” This gift has lead me on a career path to teaching thousands of early childhood graduates, parents, educators, and my own 11 children the power of love with limits - to help them grow into "menschen" 

“If kids are sharp, then adults have to learn to be even sharper.” Talli describes herself a modern day parenting myth buster, dispelling the naïve notion that children are helpless and fragile beings. “If kids are sharp, then adults have to learn to be even sharper.” She attests to the fact that children are strong, clever, capable and funny – but also challenging and manipulative. They need loving, strong empowered parents who are well equipped to handle all of that.

“Make Mine a Mensch” is not just a book but what is aimed to become a movement which recognises that “our children are our future” and nothing is of greater importance than raising a mensch – a happy, well-adjusted resilient child who possesses a strong self-identity, respects himself and others and most essentially his parents. The book was born out of an increasing realisation that parents and educators alike want real down-to earth strategies and direction from people who have “been there-done that,” not something based on idealism, politically correct theories, or popular trends. It is based on over 30 years of research and practice in both the field of education and parenting and is replete with practical strategies and humorous anecdotes in a language that speaks straight from the heart. 


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